Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Spotlight On: XXYYXX

A while back this video popped up; it’s a deep chilled sexy-electro jam with sampling from none other than Mrs. Sean Carter (for the ill-knowledged that's the super-mother booty goddess Beyonce). The visuals are definitely tight and there's no doubt this generated a buzz which has prompted us to investigate the enigma that is XXYYXX.

On his band camp you can pick up 'Mystify', his latest release for a dollar and it very much follows the vibe of ‘About You’. Like many of his peers (Messrs Blake & Kimbie most notably) its the drawn out use of echoes and space that really gives his releases an elegant, mature touch. 

With more delicious electronic joints using samples from the likes of Amy Winehouse and TLC, his sound seems to fit into the new genre that is emerging (particularly in the UK) going by the current (and much maligned) pseudonym of ‘Future Garage’, like the rest we’re not convinced by this title but it has been used to describe the likes of Joy O, Bondax and Disclosure commercially for the best part of a year now so we’ll continue to run with it for the time being.

But here’s the kicker, XXYYXX is 16! Referring to his Bandcamp it states that  
"XXYYXX is the name of Orlando, FL's 16 year old producer, Marcel Everett. Marcel works out of his bedroom creating harmonious music that provokes emotion and transmits vivid images of peace and still sadness"
 If this is just the start for Everett is definitely bodes well.

Also worth checking out is his refix of Usher's Diplo produced jam 'Climax' (which lets face it is the best pop song to be released in a long time). whilst the producer's remix was originally removed from his SoundCloud following a copyright infringement report, he went on to release a statement of intent, declaring;

"So somebody reported my Usher remix and said it was against copyright law, it was taken down. I'll have them know that is completely legal, Usher hosted the stems for free for a remix competition. The soundcloud downloads are FREE and I am not making a profit off of it in any way. It's completely legal especially under the fair use law, some people really need to grow up."

Basically after this the dude sky-rocketed in our estimations, so for this alone show your support and listen to this guys music. 

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